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In Memory of Terri Schindler-Schiavo

Monday, April 03, 2006

Fr. Pavone's Visit with Terri's Family

Update on the Schindler Family

April 3rd, 2006

Dear Friends,

I spent the weekend with the family of Terri Schiavo. Many of you ask me how they are doing, and I’m happy to say that they are strong in the Lord, have a clear sense of the mission they are undertaking with their Foundation (see www.TerrisFight.org), and have even maintained their healthy sense of humor. It is refreshing to be with them. We had a memorial mass for Terri on the anniversary of her death. Some media people have asked the family why they can’t just “let go” of the battle they have had with Michael Schiavo and get on with living life. In reality, they are living their lives and are quite at peace. Their activity is not fueled by anger and is not about Michael. It is fueled by love and is all about service to our nation and to other families facing similar challenges they did.

Some of you have asked how we can best help others to learn from Terri’s tragedy. Three practical things right now are
a) buy and read the family’s book, “A Life that Matters” (you can order it from Priests for Life at orders@priestsforlife.org);
b) learn about the family foundation at www.terrisfight.org/; and c) learn about the “Will to Live” at www.nrlc.org.

Some are still hung up on the term “murderer.” That word is not only used in a legal sense to define the criminal act of murder; it is also used in the moral sense to talk about what happens when you deliberately end the life of an innocent person.

I use the word in a moral sense when I talk about Michael Schiavo, George Felos, and Judge Greer. Some point out to me that what they did was legal. I know. And that’s precisely what makes the judge and the attorney murderers in the moral sense. They have used human law to defy God’s law. Friends, keep spreading the truth!

Fr. Frank

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